N-Counter News

Webinar Planned

Join us on Thursday, March 31, from 7:30-8:30pm Eastern for a special webinar event hosted by Scott Haima, President of CSB Ministries.
Webinar Details

Scott will be interviewing Chuck Stecker of A Chosen Generation, former CSB board member and our keynote speaker for N-Counter 2016. Scott will also interview Michael English, Chair of the N-Counter 2016 Steering Committee.
Chuck has a message specifically to encourage and prepare our hearts in advance for the vision and spiritual theme of N-Counter 2016. Michael has answers to your practical questions and more details about what to expect. We will close the webinar event with a time of prayer, submitting ourselves and N-Counter 2016 to God's glory.
Each Battalion should take this opportunity to get primed and pumped for this pinnacle event. This webinar will help you create an atmosphere of impact at N-Counter 2016. Michael will also answer your questions about N-Counter and about your Battalion activity presentation. Please submit your questions in advance to N-Counter Info Email..

We will be emailing instructions to connect to the webinar about one week beforehand. To receive these instructions, please sign up for our newsletter here. See you there!