N-Counter News

Register Your Battalion Now

The Call of Reveille
With Battalions from six different States already represented in unit registrations and four other States promising, we are well on our way! Please register your Battalion ASAP.
  • Battalion Unit Registration is only $75.
  • You do NOT need to know who, or exactly how many are coming from your Battalion at this stage.
  • That $75 will apply toward one individual registration later.
  • We do want you to describe the activity you desire to present.
  • Battalion Unit Registration is due by January 15.
Register Here

Plan Your Financial Details

On The Road To N-Counter
Begin to help your Battalion members to plan financially for N-Counter.
  • Encourage young men to save now for the cost of N-Counter.
  • Some Brigade leaders, church or community members may pay for yard work, snow shoveling, or other labor, helping your Brigadiers earn the money to pay for N-Counter 2016.
  • Set up Battalion "savings accounts" for your guys to save their earned funds for N-Counter 2016.

Dan Both is the Brigade Chairman of unit #6468 in Ellicott City, MD.  Dan is giving young men in his Battalion pay toward N-Counter for work at his house this fall, winter and spring. Some Battalion 6486 members have taken him up on the offer, and their parents are encouraging the boys to show up on the scheduled work days.  He's giving them an hourly wage for moving furniture, doing yard work, and other small jobs that he's not able to do himself.  Battalion 6486 regularly volunteers for other service projects as a group, but these guys are responding to an opportunity to earn their way to N-Counter 2016.

December Prayer N-Counter

Group Prayer Battalion Style
  • Pray for the N-Counter planning teams as they seek God's wisdom with each detail of the N-Counter plans.
  • Pray that the promotional efforts will reach all who will benefit from the Battalion N-Counter experience.
  • Pray for Battalion leaders as they plan the details of their N-Counter experience.
  • Pray for ongoing fund-raising efforts to cover costs.