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Meteor Shower

One of the signature highlights of N-Counter is for each Battalion to share a prime activity from their own unit. Adult leader(s) from your Battalion will run an activity-station while groups of young men and leaders rotate through many different stations throughout the day. Begin now to plan and prepare your activity-station.
Each Battalion has something to give as well as a lot to gain from these N-Counter activity experiences. Last N-Counter attracted ultimate frisbee, trapshooting, a trebuchet, fly fishing and much more. Meteor Shower, an innovative activity brought to N-Counter 2011, even appeared at one of the summer camps that next summer. A local Battalion also took the idea home and now does a variation of Meter Shower they call "gauntlet."
What will your Battalion bring to N-Counter 2016? Send your activity proposal to info@csbncounter.org. We look forward to experiencing your prime Battalion activity!