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Check out this short interview with Sgt. Jacob Brunk on the "global" impact of Battalions coming together at N-Counter from multiple regions.
Jacob, now a freshman at Liberty University, has left a great history of making connections with other Battalion units in the Capital Region that will continue this coming year.  
He is a candidate for Herald of Christ by spring of 2016 and wrote a paper promoting the idea of "Interconnectedness among Battalions."

Interconnectedness by Jacob Brunk
The goal of Interconnectedness is to increase the health and enthusiasm of the Battalion by having participants see first-hand that we are a part of a broader movement, a part of something even bigger; and as a result, become more excited, enthusiastic, and invested in the Battalion program. The reason being is because people tend to be more enthusiastic about participating in movements bigger than themselves and their immediately locality. Gaining exposure and building relationships with other Battalions and the people therein enhances the vitality of the Battalion.
Yet Interconnectedness is more than that; it’s a sense of a unified community with the other Battalions and being an active member of that community. Each Battalion has resources endowed to them that they can contribute to one another as members contributing to a broader body. Interconnectedness therefore also entails an intentionality in being a part of a larger whole and actively partnering with other Battalions in their shared mission.
Proof of Concept
A clear example of the concept of Interconnectedness is found in the greater Body of Christ. It is essential that a healthy congregation has the perspective that theirs is one assembly in the broader Body of Christ; worshiping and praising Christ with brothers and sisters around the world. A congregation must not become isolationist in their outlook nor feel isolated in a fallen world lest they fall or become discouraged. Scripture is saturated with reminders that we as believers are one with the universal assembly of saints, sanctified and filled with one Spirit, praising The Living God with all the saints that are in heaven and earth. For a church to have this perspective, it is important that it partners and interacts with other local and sister churches and has connections with the community of churches and believers around the globe.
Methods in fostering Interconnectedness
The following are some of the methods used to instill an Interconnectedness Perception in our Battalion and to play a unifying and contributing role in the Battalion community.
Multi-Battalion Events
Multi-Battalion Events give brigadiers exposure to various other Battalions simultaneously, thereby helping to foster a sense of a bigger picture. Such Multi-Battalion events include Leadership Advance, Sports-All-Nighter, Camp-O-Rama, and N-Counter.
Joint-Trips and Events
Joint-Trips provide a unique opportunity for brigadiers to directly interact and build relationships with like-minded members of another Battalion. Unlike Multi-Battalion events where there are many Battalions and they are largely separated amongst themselves, Joint-Trips involve a greater degree of integration and typically consist of two Battalions so as provide a more intimate cross-Battalion interaction.
Visiting other Battalions
When members of a Battalion, particularly Noncoms and Officers, visit another Battalion they function as ambassadors communicating their ongoing mutual friendship and fraternity with the other Battalion. Such visitations provide direct insight into how another Battalion functions and can provide ideas to strengthen one’s own Battalion. This can be true of trips, events, LTMs, and especially Weekly Meetings. One should contact the other Battalion’s Captain or leaders in advance when they intend to visit.
Involvement in Camp Hemlock
Camp Hemlock is a great way for brigadiers from various Battalions to interact and build friendships. These summer camp friendships in turn help enhance the quality and productivity of cross-Battalion interactions of other Interconnectedness endeavors. Camp Hemlock serves as a unifying venue for the Battalions of the Capital Region to connect, share ideas and experiences, and integrate among each other admits the backdrop of a fun, faith-based summer camp experience.
SALT and Camp Staff participation
By nature, SALT and Camp Staff often provides brigadiers, usually Noncoms, with close relationships with peers from other Battalions. These close relationships in turn can provide them with social bridges to other Battalions and invaluable incentive in the pursuit of Interconnectedness. In addition, SALT and Camp Staff participation helps provide the Battalion with stronger ties to Camp Hemlock.
Capital Region Christian Service Brigade board participation
Participation on the Capital Region Christian Service Brigade board allows a Battalion’s Officers the opportunity to influence, provide input and perspective, and be more involved in the overall happenings of Christian Service Brigade in the Capital Region. Similar concept applies if they also choose to participate in the Camp Hemlock board meetings.