N-Counter News

N-Counter Pricing Announced

The N-Counter team has been working to keep this event as affordable as possible. We want to see every Battalion unit take advantage of this great opportunity. This is why the N-Counter team has committed to raise enough outside support to cover many of the background costs of the event in order to reduce the price for participants. 

The cost to you, for N-Counter 2016, has been established at $75 per person. $75 per person includes...

...your camp facility fees, tenting or cabins, all your meals, a shirt, a commemorative patch, and a very robust program.

N-Counter 2016 is nine months away, so considered your Battalion's funding plan now. Here are some suggestions to get you started.
  •  Ask for funds through your ministry budget.  Your church might contribute extra funds toward your budget for this special event.  The key could be asking in good time for the church’s budgeting process to respond.
  •  Find a way to involve all the members of your Battalion to raise a portion of the cost per person.  Plan a fund raising project into your Battalion year.  Promote your cause with good reasons, for your young men to Press On, helping one another toward Christ-likeness.
  • Tell us your ideas for raising funds for your group and their activities (an advertized car wash comes to mind). Those units who have success stories will certainly be able to help those who’ve never done this.  Please send ideas you would like to shared to info@csbncounter.org.