N-Counter News

N-Counter Pricing Announced

The N-Counter team has been working to keep this event as affordable as possible. We want to see every Battalion unit take advantage of this great opportunity. This is why the N-Counter team has committed to raise enough outside support to cover many of the background costs of the event in order to reduce the price for participants. 

The cost to you, for N-Counter 2016, has been established at $75 per person. $75 per person includes...

Activities Galore

One of 30 Activities From 2011
N-Counter 2016 promises even more activities than N-Counter 2011. The objective of Battalion activity is to facilitate the CSB mission of building relationship for the purpose of discipleship. This vital objective is modeled throughout N-Counter. Come and share... come and learn.

Herald of Christ N-Counter

Heralds of Christ at N-Counter 2011
Seven Heralds of Christ were presented at N-Counter 2011 - four new Heralds of Christ and three
Heralds of Christ for Men.

Do you know someone who is, or should be pursuing the Herald of Christ? Can they set a goal for completing the requirements by N-Counter 2016? Consider a commitment to the nine month internship. Get the candidate moving now, and we can congratulate more new Heralds in 2016!

(if you do not see a recent Herald of Christ posted, please contact CSB Ministries office)

The July Prayer N-Counter

As we pray for N-Counter 2016, take time to praise God for his powerful work in the lives of men and boys at five regional Camp-O-Ramas this year. Thank God for salvation decisions; spiritual breakthroughs; and continued growth in Christ. No doubt, these Battalions will be excited to meet together at N-Counter 2016. Who do you know personally that attended one of these regional events?  Pray for them joining together at N-Counter next year. Pray that leaders are willing to take up the challenge, bringing their units to southeastern Pennsylvania, less than a year from now.

2015 Regional Camporama Highlights

* Eastern Great Lakes Camporama at Camp Hickory Hill, Varysburg, NY  
* New England Camp-O-Rama at New England Frontier Camp, Lovell, ME
* Camp Fest, West Hills County Park, Huntington, Long Island, NY
* Delaware Valley Camporama at Haycock Camp, Kintnersville, PA
* Capital Region Camporama at Hemlock Wilderness Brigade Camp, Wardensville, WV

CSB Battalions – Encountering One Another

Camporamas and other regional camping events are important in everyone’s experience as a brigadier.  What if there was something like a Super Camporama? There is!  Every young man should experience an N-Counter at least once in his Battalion career!