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Why Is Prayer Necessary?

David Platt

I think it’s interesting that in the church today so many of us ask, “Why is prayer necessary?”

Maybe we don’t ask it, but we really don’t show with our lives that prayer is necessary and so we show with our lives that we're asking, “why is prayer necessary?”

You know why I think we ask that question? Because you don’t need prayer when you’re watching TV. We don’t need prayer when we’re mindlessly surfing the internet. You don’t need prayer then. You don’t need prayer when there’s nothing at stake in your walk with Christ. You don’t need prayer when there’s no risk in Christianity. You don’t need prayer when Christianity consists of monotonous religious motion of routine, week in and week out. You don’t need prayer for that. You can do that on your own.

But when you risk everything to glorify Jesus Christ, you need prayer. When you sacrifice your possessions and your dreams, and your hopes and your career, and you lay it all on the line and you stake your reputation down on your allegiance to Christ, you need prayer. When you're longing day in and day out is to lead people to Jesus Christ, you need prayer. You rely on prayer. You are desperate for prayer, because you're devoted to his mission. And when the aim of your life is to affect as many people with the Gospel of Christ for the glory of Christ, you will find yourself given over to prayer.
David Platt serves as president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s International Mission Board.