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Del Valley CSB Camporama

Battalions from across the Delaware Valley Region anticipate exciting competitions while camping at Haycock Camp in southeast Pennsylvania. Del Valley CSB Camp-O-Rama takes place the 4th weekend of April bringing units together from Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey. Eight to ten Battalions will gather close to the Delaware River (state boundary) for this highlight event.

Battalions compete for a first place plaque overall, AND recognition is given for best scores by a first place certificate for every event. Some, like Scripture Skills may have more than one first place. A new event is introduced or brought back almost every year.
This Year’s Competitive Events:           
Fire Building                                             Stretcher Relay
Obstacle Course                                        Scripture Skills
Knot Tying                                                 Scavenger Hunt
Unit Prep/Inspections                              Mystery Event
Scripture Memory                                    Sling Shots and
Skeet Shooting                                          Tomahawk Throw

Fight of Faith is the theme for 2015, and taken from the scripture memory passage of I Timothy 6:11-16. Campsite devotions, nightly campfire programs and Sunday morning worship highlight the theme. The logo is designed each year by a member of the planning team and is used for promotion, fliers, and the custom patch for participants at the event. Some are 1st times, other battalion leaders have 30 or more!
Planning is done by a team that meets before Thanksgiving each November.  The theme is chosen and assignments are taken by members of the team.  Working together for this weekend gives them a base for relationships beyond their local unit.  Leadership is learned in the process, as younger men on the camporama staff are given responsibilities. A handbook for the Del Valley Camporama is the technical guide for events and scoring.  Each battalion is sent a copy about 6 weeks in advance of the event.
For more detail about the Delaware Valley Camporama email Arden Musselman