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Capital Region CSB Camp-O-Rama 2015

April 24-26, at Hemlock Wilderness Brigade Camp, Wardensville, WV

Expected turnout of 250, from 13 CSB battalions, coming from MD, VA, SC and PA Organized by CSB 7117 - Severna Park Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Maryland

Theme: "Rebirth: Stepping Into Your Redeemed & Sanctified Reality”
Scripture for memory is 2 Cor. 5:16-18 (longer version v. 14-20)

Events for competition and first through third place team trophies overall are:
1.       Archery
2.       Riflery
3.       Tomahawk Throw
4.       Caber Toss – a length of log
5.       Obstacle course
6.       Fire building
7.       Frisbee toss
8.       Orienteering
9.       Bible Quiz
10.    Jacob’s Ladder
11.    Chariot Race
12.    Log Sawing

Each unit signs up ahead of time to lead an activity. The unit plans for everything related to the event and the leaders turn in the scores from competition. At stake are the trophies for 1st- 3rd place overall.  Service Project is a feature of camporama, included in the rotation of events, that gives back to Hemlock Camp in the pre-season to summer camp.

“We have emphasized to our brigadiers who are leading Camp-O-Rama this year that learning and growing through the process is much more important than the final outcome.  We pray for a great Camp-O-Rama, but more importantly we pray that everyone who attends grows in their knowledge of God and that Christ's love compels them to share that knowledge with others. Please join me in praying for your Battalion and everyone that is going.”  Mike Sherbert, Capt. 7117