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The April Prayer N-Counter

N-Counter news will include specific items for prayer
and praise related to the event. To launch our prayer efforts, watch 
this powerful two-minute challenge why we need prayer. Respond to 
these thoughts and pray for Battalion guys who will be impacted 
at N-Counter.


Teaching resources that will help one lead an active and vibrant prayer life.

Del Valley CSB Camporama

Battalions from across the Delaware Valley Region anticipate exciting competitions while camping at Haycock Camp in southeast Pennsylvania. Del Valley CSB Camp-O-Rama takes place the 4th weekend of April bringing units together from Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey. Eight to ten Battalions will gather close to the Delaware River (state boundary) for this highlight event.

Eastern Great Lakes Camp-O-Rama

Eastern Great Lakes is looking forward to a spectacular Camp-O-Rama this May 15-17, 2015 at Camp Hickory Hill.

The Spring Camp-O-Rama features:
Saturday morning lineup
Six challenging competitive events centered around Cable TV Channel
3rd Annual Push Cart Races!
An exciting awards ceremony after worship on Sunday morning
Fantastic fellowship

Capital Region CSB Camp-O-Rama 2015

April 24-26, at Hemlock Wilderness Brigade Camp, Wardensville, WV

Expected turnout of 250, from 13 CSB battalions, coming from MD, VA, SC and PA Organized by CSB 7117 - Severna Park Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Maryland

Theme: "Rebirth: Stepping Into Your Redeemed & Sanctified Reality”
Scripture for memory is 2 Cor. 5:16-18 (longer version v. 14-20)